This week I had the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite early childhood experts/authors, Dan Gartrell, speak at the NAEYC professional learning institute. In this session he emphasized that “readiness is not a state of knowledge but a state of mind”. This is an excellent reminder for parents and teachers that preparing children forContinue reading “Readiness”

Just Between Us

“We can keep this just between us, ok?” Seems innocent enough, right? Sneaking a cookie before dinner, a cartoon on a school day. No one needs to know, right?  Sometimes adults unintentionally reenforce children’s dishonesty by initiating sweet, playful secrets. “Ok, but just this once, and don’t tell your mom.” As adults, this may feel likeContinue reading “Just Between Us”

You can’t play with them!

I’m guessing many parents reach a point in their child’s life when a playmate they have selected doesn’t vibe with the parent’s views or hopes for their child. This might be because of the way the other child plays, the words or tone they use, the clothes they were, and so on. What do youContinue reading “You can’t play with them!”