This week I had the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite early childhood experts/authors, Dan Gartrell, speak at the NAEYC professional learning institute. In this session he emphasized that “readiness is not a state of knowledge but a state of mind”. This is an excellent reminder for parents and teachers that preparing children forContinue reading “Readiness”

“It’s a Monster!”

Fear of bugs, natural disasters, and fictional creatures as well as nightmares are all common in the early years of children’s development. Between the toddler years up through the teenage years, children are rapidly developing their expression of emotions, personal likes and dislikes, and sense of what is a threat to their safety or not.Continue reading ““It’s a Monster!””


Adult: “Please hold my hand as we cross the street.”Child: “Why?”Adult: “So I can make sure you’re safe.”Child: “Why?”Adult: “Because that’s my job and I love you!”Child: “Why?” Adult: “Let’s get some bananas when we stop at the grocery store”Child: “why?”Adult: “So we have them as an option for breakfast or snacks”Child: “why?”Adult: “Because they’reContinue reading “Why?”

Naughty or Nice?!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And in many child environments, home or school, it’s also the time when behavior is managed with the heavy hand of Santa Claus or The Elf on the Shelf. While these characters can be a fun and playful element of the holiday season, they can also beContinue reading “Naughty or Nice?!”