Just Start.

I’ve put off this first blog post for 10 months. 10 months. That’s how long this website has been in progress and the blog has been the last part I’ve worked on. Lots of people blog… crafts for kids, favorite recipes, DIY, the variety is endless. I’ve left this website content for last because I want it to mean something. I want to get it exactly right. For it to be a place educators come back to for ideas, inspiration, thought provocation, and vulnerability. It needs to be just right.

That’s a lot of pressure. Because I don’t know what “just right” is quite yet.

I am one week out from a new school year – the third school year impacted by the pandemic. I am the director at an early childhood program, currently at a reduced capacity of 125. I’m going into my second year of my PhD program. This is my 6th year teaching in higher education but I’m teaching a new class at a university new to me. And I have two children starting their new school years as well.

I want to get all of this just right. And I’m sure you do too. We are helpers and caregivers and if you’re like me, high-achieving perfectionists. We care a lot about getting it right.

In my life, I take a lot of inspiration from my Dad who, among other things, is a phenomenal writer. I’ll never forget the time I asked him what he does when he gets stuck, when the words don’t flow, or worse, he can’t even get started. And he said “Just start. Write until it is good and then delete the crap.”

This was a pivotal moment for me, not just in my writing but in how I approach all of my work. It doesn’t need to start perfect. I just need to start. From there, ideas transform, growth unfolds, and something really great emerges.

So here we are.
In our imperfection and desire to be something great that is truly just beginning to develop and unfold.

Let’s start together.